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Can I join the Ukrainian for English team? [Contributor's Advice?]

Hi! Pryvit! I know I may not be a native speaker but if there's one thing I want to do it's to help people learn Ukrainian! I was talking with some other fellow Duolingots about the amount of errors and overall bad reputation the Ukrainian for English Speakers course has gotten over the past year. So, I decided to give it a try and apply for a course. I was just wondering to contributors, is this a good enough application?

IN ENGLISH/PO-ANHLIS'KU: Hi, I was just reading a comment on just how bad the course can be with errors sometimes. I've completed the course and I'm about half way through the reverse tree. I've done some of the Pimsleur course and people think I'm a crazy person highlighting the pages of my Lonely Planet Phrasebook in an array of colours depending on context and function. Basically, I'm obsessed with this language. I think Ukrainian is a beautiful language and I would really like to help people to learn this amazing language. So please I ask; May I join your team?

IN UKRAINIAN/PO-UKRAYINS'KU: Вітаю, я тільки прочитав коментар про як поганий курс іноді може бути з помилкою. Я завершив курс і я на півдорозі через англіський курс (Англійська для тих, хто розмовляє українською). Я трохи зробив курс Pimsleur і люди думають що я божевільна особа під час я виділити сторінки розмовника Lonely Planet різноманітність з різними колорів в залежності від контекста і функції. Я кохаю цю мову. Я думаю що українська це красива мова я б дуже хотів допомогти люди вивчати цю дивовижна мову. Так, я прошу; Можна приєднатися вашу команду?

From a moderator application would this be sufficient to apply?

June 30, 2016




I would suggest making it longer if you can. You want to give the contributors as much information as possible as to why they should pick you.

I hope this helps!


Duzhe dyakuyu! Thanks a lot! :D


Also, try to write a couple of drafts. It may take time, but by looking at it after a few days or so, you can really see some mistakes or improvements that can be made.

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