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Waaaait did Hungarian just hit beta?

This is so surreal. I just did the first Hungarian lesson. Screen: http://prntscr.com/bn7i6a

Epic surprise duolingo Hungarian team!

June 30, 2016



I was just about to mention this, because I didn't see any announcement. Either this was a surprise or it's accidentally in beta!


Usually I'm sent an email about a language course a week after it's been released


Half the time I'm emailed right away (when I've asked to be informed) and the other time I get no email ever. That's what happened with the Esperanto launch, no email.


I already knew about Hebrew being releases but it sent me the email just today


Something else that should be fixed but wont be because it's a low priority for Duolingo.


I'm pretty sure if someone wanted to learn the language so much they'd be checking as soon as it hit the 99% mark


@SpiralStat That might explain why I've practically been stalking the courses page for six months waiting for Hungarian to come out.


It was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. I work with people who understand English but speak very little of it and are fluent in Hungarian, so this course will help a lot!


That was unexpected!


I have been checking every Sunday, but I got tons of notifications from people posting in he Facebook group saying it was up.

köszönöm Duolingo csapat

also does anyone know how to do the accents on a mac?

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