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  5. "היא בהלם!"

"היא בהלם!"

Translation:She is in shock!

June 30, 2016



Although it might be frowned upon to encourage the "dilution" of Hebrew by using English loan words, it is also possible to say:

היא בשוק

lit. She is in shock

Probably most English words that really stick in the Hebrew language have a Hebrew replacement, or alternative (חלופה). It's possible to look up whether a word has a replacement at this address: http://halufon.hebrew-academy.org.il/

I am often surprised by just how many words that I thought had no replacement in fact do, and by how many English words which have widely accepted translations nonetheless are listed.


There is a difference between:

A. טיפול בשוק חשמלי; and

B. טיפול בהלם חשמלי

"A.", rather than "B." is 1 of several ways Hebrew says "electric shock therapy".

נזעי חשמל


By the way, I would like some explanation of נזעי

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The word נזע is derived from זוע, a root for motion which connotes small and short motion rather than the long-term motion implied by נוע.

The original English term is not electro-shock therapy, but electro-convulsive therapy. Convulsion is an involuntary motion, because ECT causes involuntary small motions of muscles. So נזע was created.


This doesn't use נמצאת -- which suits me fine -- but this is inconsistent with the sentence "The soldier is in a state of shock" in the same lesson being marked wrong if you omit נמצאת/ נמצא.

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