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"Dw i wedi dweud wrth yr athro."

Translation:I have told the teacher.

June 30, 2016



I told the teacher was marked wrong but it's the same meaning as I have told the teacher.


Different tenses:

  • Dw i wedi dweud wrth yr athro. - I have told the teacher. (present perfect tense)
  • Dwedais i wrth yr athro. - I told the teacher. (simple past tense)


It sounds very clearly like ‘tweud’.

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Sounds fine to me, remember the 'd' in Welsh is a hard sound.

Actually in parts of North Wales the 'd' in some words is so hard that it is often written as a 't'


Why is "wrth" necessary here? To me it translates as "I have told the teacher " without the "wrth". I am confused because in previous exercises "wrth" has been translated as "by"


Various verbs may be followed by different prepositions in order to complete or modify their meaning. In the case of dweud it is wrth or am:

  • dweud wrth rywun am rywbeth - telling someone about something
  • dweud rhywbeth wrth rywun - telling/saying something to someone.

Many dictionaries will have examples that show which prepositions are used. There is a useful small book which lists which prepositions follow which verb-nouns - 'Pa Arddodiad' by D Geraint Lewis.


Thank you for a quick response.


i put 'I have said to the teacher' which was noted as wrong. Can it be that too? I'm trying to get my head round 'wedi'


could it be "I have spoken with the teacher"

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