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  5. "Is this soup or water?"

"Is this soup or water?"

Translation:זה מרק או מים?

June 30, 2016



The waiter brought a dreary looking soup. The customer asked what it was, and the waiter said "it's bean soup, sir". The customer replied, I don't care what it's been, what is it now? :-)


The only reason I belive this sentence is related to 'animal' is because there is a זבוב in the soup/water.


If this is soup, please bring water; but if this is water, bring the soup.


This is like questioning the meaning of life...I can't tell if I'm eating soup or drinking water!


I think someone was unhappy with their order at a restaurant lol


I think it's better for the English of this sentence to be "Is this broth or water?" In Hebrew, מרק means both soup and broth, and there's really no confusion between soup and water, only broth and water.


The scenario that cames to my mind is that a person criticising a diluted/watery soup that was served to him in a restaurant

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