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  5. "Yes? I am sorry!"

"Yes? I am sorry!"

Translation:Igen? Bocsánat!

June 30, 2016



What about using "bocsi" for sorry? Do you think it is worth adding?


about 'bocsi': besides of being very very informal, it is kinda stupid using diminutive where it is not absolutely necessary. think of a counterfeit LV handbag and a genuine duckface selfie.


Counterfeit LV handbag and duckface selfies go better with "bocsika" which is an even more diminutive and more stupid form.


I don't think so: "bocsi" is very informal. You can use it with people whom you can lightheartedly can say "thankies!"


Um, I say bocsi to everyone when I'm in Budapest and bump into someone in a shop for instance. :D


For one who seems to be foreigner it is forgiveable but you may be sure that tha shop assistant girls giggled behind your back and did funny faces. ;)

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