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Grammatical Resources for Hungarian?

Duolingo's method of teaching languages is quite good for learning sentence structures and vocabulary or gaining experience in a language and forming a good base for more advanced study, but in my experience it can be tedious and ineffective at teaching grammatical concepts such as verb conjugation or noun declension. Considering Hungarian is notorious for such things, does anyone who has previous experience in Hungarian know of any good books or websites for learning such grammatical elements?

June 30, 2016



Although it is a little old-fashioned now, the best book is still "Learn Hungarian" by Zoltán Bánhidi et al. It is one of the most well-organized, thoughtful, and usable books I've ever found in any language.

The FSI Basic Hungarian course (both volumes) is also very good. Although it also a bit old-fashioned with its cold war vocabulary the concise explanation and systematic drill of grammatical structures is excellent.


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