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  5. "כן, זה הספר."

"כן, זה הספר."

Translation:Yes, this is the book.

June 30, 2016



Is resh really pronounced like the french r or is it more like a trilled r? Cause i swear i've heard some people talking in hebrew and i distinctly heard a trilled r


It is not like a French r and it is not usually trilled. I am a native speaker and have a trilled r and it is considered quite odd. Not odd enough that people think I have an accent, but odd enough that people might comment. Frankly if you go French or trilled you'll probably be fine.


Its more like a french r, the trilled r is used by some people speaking hebrew but the french r is the way to pronounce it


(kitab)(sifr) 2 words for the same meaning in Arabic : book . this is getting more interesting :)


Interesting. Kitab ( किताब ) is the Hindi word for book, too.


I'm I the only one who thinks we should learn the Hebrew alfebet first?


Guys, shouldnt "yes, this book" be accepted here too?


Yes this book = כן הספר הזה

The Ze has a hey


Thanks. Just a grey point still left for me. I've learned other semitic language (Arabic) before. In there, pronouns (like هذا which equals to זה , I guess) are treated as always known nouns. So there is nothing like الهذا (the = ال). Isn't this rule true in hebrew as semitic language? Also the phrase, "This book" ( = هذا الكتاب in Arabic) isn't considered a complete sentence. Is it true for "זח הספר" or "הזה הספר" in hebrew too?

Thanks in advance.


No, this rule doesn't apply for Hebrew. ה הידיעה (the modifier hé) is coming before the modidied noun AND the adjectives. If you want to say 'a good book' you say "ספר טוב" (sefer tov), but if you want to say 'THE good book' you modify both good and book - "הספר הטוב" (HAsefer HAtov). Now, regarding זה. It can mean several things. It is a book - זה ספר (you studied araboc so I feel obligated to tell you that it's also possible to say זהו ספר (zehu is a short for זה הוא) It is the book - זה הספר (also possible זהו הספר) This book - ספר זה or הספר הזה HTH :)


It's different if what you're going for is: "Yes, this book". Idk how it would be but I've read it in the comments earlier


How about "Yes, that is the book"?


That and this are usually the same in Hebrew so it should be accepted.


strictly speaking one is זה and the other זהו but apparently I learned a lot of out of date formalities.


On the last question you asked me to write my answer in Hebrew Without a Hebrew keyboard it can't be done. Can you help?


Google how to add a Hebrew keyboard to whatever type of computer or phone you are using for your Duolingo lessons. It's easy to do once you have the instructions.


כן זה הספר.


Ruqiyah, the "Discussion" is meant for students to ask questions about things they don't understand about the Hebrew sentence. It's not to be used as an exercise book to rewrite the sentences, make self serving comments, or juvenile jokes. I've noticed in the last couple of days that you seem to rewrite every sentence you do. When people start to do this, it just clogs the discussion forums with spam and it gets hard for people to find the answers to question they have asked. Duolingo Spanish and Italian have gotten so bad that some of the discussion have more than 300 comments, most of them spam, so that students have a very hard time trying to find the help they need. You can go back and delete any of the comments that you do not want seen on the discussion forms. I will delete this comment once I feel you have seen it. Good luck with your Hebrew studies. I see you are already at level 9.

Up Date: I forgot to mention that you are filling up a lot of people's mailboxes with spam too. Because, every time you make a comment on any of the discussion forums, an e-mail goes out to everyone who has made a comment on any of the discussions, or is following any of the threads, to which you are adding a comment. So, each time you make a comment, all of us get an e-mail telling us what you said. That's a lot of e-mail going out to a lot of people.


Ken, ze ha-sefer.


When I clicked on זה, theres a random voice that says it, but not for any other word? And its a different voice than both the regular voices in this course?


@Richard Mikal Hulett, I guess correct spelling of resh is more near to trilled or even normal 'r'. I guess french like pronounciation of resh was brought by french-speaking (or maybe) german people.


What's a normal R?


ןl have gotten the correct answer countless time and it keeps repeating the same thing!!!!!


Too few words to choose from! Not hard at all

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