"The doctor is walking now."

Translation:Az orvos sétál most.

June 30, 2016

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Az orvos most sétál that's the correct one

[deactivated user]

    "Most az orvos sétál" is not correct?


    I have the same question. Any takers?


    It's good, if rejected you may want to report it. There is a slight difference in emphasis, but for the English it is less significant than in Hungarian. In the Hungarian sentence above it is very specific that in this moment it is the doctor who is walking and not any other person while neither of the English translations give the equivalent weight of the statement. (Nevertheless this sentence gives me a fictional scene of a maffia film where the bad guys watch the yard of the prison and check when the boss will let out for a walk alone—the usual routine is strict, first is the serial killer, then a bank robber, then the doctor who sold the organs of his patients and... and... and... here comes our Padrone, now we can attack to escape him!)


    Heru, just a slight correction to your comment above: '...now we can attack to escape him!' should be '...now we can attack to liberate him/free him/set him free!'. To escape him would mean to run away from him! I had to read this last sentence twice. Hope you don't mind my improving your otherwise excellent English.


    Az orvos sétál most is jó ..---gare-garef-w

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