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  5. "הקופים סופרים את הבננות."

"הקופים סופרים את הבננות."

Translation:The monkeys are counting the bananas.

July 1, 2016



How would you say apes in Hebrew? Is it not the same as kofim?


no, apes are a single branch of a single group of Primates. apes aka Hominoids calld in Hebrew הומינואידים (as you can see, it is a loaned word) or קופי-אדם (literal translation: "man-mankeys" or something like that.. :S)


They’re called קוֹפֵי־אָדָם, lit. ‘human-monkeys’, and are considered a subgroup of קופים. Humans are not, though.

Especially since there’s such a strong opposition to teaching evolution in Israeli schools, and ethnoreligious sentiment is alarmingly on the rise…


Nonsensical sentences also make it almost impossible to guess the answer from context.


I want a band called habananot


Apes should have been accepted too, for sure. Planet of the apes was translated as כוכב הקופים and it is a classic which is part of the modern Hebrew language.


I dont really think this makes sense, like, honestly, monkeys dont count they are not humans! I think they should do stuff that make sense


An owl teaching languages doesn't make much sense either, does it?

(Point is: Duolingo... Well, the people behind it... are teaching us languages in a fun way. Some sentences make no sense at all, but that at least would make them stick longer in our memory. If not, then it's still amusing to discover these nonsensical sentences.)


True. Can't put it better myself :-) And there are much weirder sentences to be explored in duolingo. Enjoy.

(By the way: Monkeys do count. As do ravens and dolphins and elephants and ants and . . . )


How on Earth did you come to that conclusion? What exactly about this sentence is racist?

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