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  5. "אני אחליט, אני כבר ילד גדול!"

"אני אחליט, אני כבר ילד גדול!"

Translation:I will decide, I am a big boy already!

July 1, 2016



‘I’m a big boy already’ sounds way more natural. Reported, 2016-07-01


Indeed, the natural way of putting it would be "I'm a big boy now".


Said with a very Yiddish accent. Most English people would not use the already


I am a big boy already and I am already a big boy mean the exact same thing in English. No reason for one to be accepted and one not.


Meaningless phrase (incompatible about time relations). It should be:

"I decided that I'm already a big boy".

Or, alternatively:

I will decide, because I am a big boy already!


I think the boy is is saying that he will make the decision on whatever they are speaking of because he's already a big boy.


No, the phrase isn't meaningless. Imagine, a mother says to the boy: Put on the red shirt and blue pants. And he replies: No, I don't want to wear that. I will decide (what to wear). I am already a big boy.


I disagree. In that context, he would say 'I am a big boy now'. If it was a stage stereotype of a Jew shrugging his shoulders and saying 'I'm a big boy already' it might be more likely, but that still is not the translation of the phrase.

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