"not to go"

Translation:nem menni

July 1, 2016

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So we use 'nem' with the infinitive, but not the imperative?


Well that's different, haha.


Not when you compare it to other Uralic languages, like Finnish. ei mennä = not to go/let's not go, älä mene! = don't go! (sing.)


I had studied a tiny bit of Finnish before but didn't go too in depth with it, so I hadn't remembered that on the spot. It changes depending on who the speaker is talking about, right?

Ex: En mennä, ei mennä, etc. or äla and älkää (not sure if I spelled it correctly).

As I said, I didn't really learn that much Finnish, but it's a cool connection to make. :)


Yes, there are 12 different no's, depending on the subject and mood (6 ei's, 5 älä's and ällös). At least Hungarian is easier in that sense :)


Really? I would think it would be "Ne menj" or "Ne meny el". I mean in English, "Not to go" isn't even a complete phrase. "He asked her not to go", but I think even that would use the imperative in Hungarian.

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