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English to Hebrew translation help.

I've been trying to translate the phrase "You are not alone" from English to Hebrew and I'm confused as I have two different answers. The first is ״את לא לבד״ (aht-lo-levad [I believe]). Which I've read online, but whenever I put the English into translate I always get ״אתם לא לבד״ and when I tried to get a spoken translation it said "atem-lo-levad" (you're not alone[?]). But I'm looking for "Aht-lo-levad" What's the difference between the two? What are the translations and pronunciations. And most importantly: Which is the one I'm looking for? Thank you! Also, any helpful comments on anything would be super!

July 1, 2016



Atem is for plural males you (you all) or males and females.

Aten is for plural females you (you all)

At is for single female.

Ata for male.

So depending who are you talking to, female, male or plurals.


Both translations are correct. "YOU" translates to both YOU (Single) - אתה or את, depending on gender of the subject, and YOU (Plural) - אתם or אתן, depending on gender of the subject. Pronunciations is also similar - את (you single female) is "aht" as you mentioned, and אתם (you plural males) is "ahtem".

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