"My husband is taking me to visit his family."

Translation:בעלי לוקח אותי לבקר את המשפחה שלו.

July 1, 2016

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I wrote "הבעל שלי לוקח אותי לבקר את המשפחה שלו" and still got it wrong. Why?


It is correct, report it.


הבעל שלי לוקח אותי לבקר את משפחתו Why is it not accepted?


Please could someone explain the difference between אותי and לי because I wrote לי instead of אותי and I'm not sure why it's wrong. Thank you


הבעל שלי instead of בעלי is not . accepted I reported it, maybe it'll be corre6in several years...


Does the לבקר את ה.. not mean "to critisise"? Why not לבקר במשפחה שלו?


Tips and Notes, section Verbs, present has a paragraph on מבקר It says that the meaning can be contextual but, but also:

"Aside from context, the two meanings can be differentiated by their respective prepositions. מבקר meaning "criticize" or "critique" is followed by את (et), while מבקר as "visit" is followed by -ב when visiting places and followed by את when visiting people."

I made the same mistake as you :)

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