"Én lámpákat, telefonokat és órákat kérek."

Translation:I would like lamps, telephones and clocks.

July 1, 2016

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I got marked wrong for "I would like lamps, telephones, and clocks." I reported just in case.


"Would like" is more "Szeretnék" than "Kérek".


Then what's the difference between kér and akar?


Kér is like asking for something, for instance in a restaurant, "Gulyást kérek", whereas Akar is used for wanting things, concrete or abstract, like "Új pólót akarok" or "Menni akarok".


Precisely true. The actual dictionary meaning of "kér" is "ask for", of "akar" is "want", and "szeretne" is "would like".


I agree in theory, but when you hover over "kérek" is says "want" and "would like", so it seems silly that it is not accepted as the right answer in the sentence.


Yes, it should be accepted, since they're used in the same contexts with the same level of politeness.


"I'm asking for" should be accepted


You are right. That would be the most accurate translation for "kérek". Even more accurate than "I would like". But "I want" is definitely incorrect.


One correct solution that is suggested is: "I had like lamps, telephones and clocks." I think that is just a typing mistake, and it was intended to be "I would like..." However, it could also be an idiomatic use of "like": " I had, like, lamps, telephones and clocks, and they were, like, sooo cool." (Okay. This would not be a translation of the original sentence, but I just thought it would be fun.)


Just to confirm the other similar opinions expressed on this thread: the actual dictionary meaning of "kér" is "ask for" rather than "want". "Want" in Hungarian means "akar".

PS: In general, there is nothing wrong with the Hungarian version, though. I have noticed that many of the formerly reported errors have been corrected in the meantime.


I got marked wrong for looking for. I thought that was kerek


I made the same error. See above cerulean9 putting me right.

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