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YAY HUNGARIAN! + Placement test

I've been waiting for the Hungarian course for so long, so glad it's finally here and keen to get stuck in!

A small error (or maybe I'm just foolish?) I've found was that after doing the placement test, I haven't unlocked any of the tree and am again given the option to start from the beginning or do a placement test. So, I did the placement test again and I'm again given the two options.

Maybe it's just because I didn't get enough questions right (I think I got at least 50% though) but can anyone else confirm/verify if they've unlocked any of the tree after doing a placement test, how much they've unlocked, and roughly how much of the test they felt they got right before unlocking parts of the tree?


July 1, 2016



Hi there! First off, I hope you are having a lovely day, and 2nd off, You can only get 3 wrong in The Placement Test. If you get anymore than 3, you will not unlock anymore!


Ah thanks for your insight! It's odd that that fact isn't clearly stated somewhere (maybe I missed it?) and that it allows me to continue after making 3 mistakes... in fact, from the wording before the test starts it seems to imply mistakes are ok, as it says the test gives us easier questions the more mistakes we make and harder questions the less mistakes we make. In any case, thanks for your time and I hope you also have a great day :)


No problem, glad to help! Thank you! :)


After Esperanto I'm going to learn a lot of Hungarian !!

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