"egy fiú és az autó"

Translation:a boy and the car

July 1, 2016

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So if "a" and "az" both mean "the", is the second one used when the word after it starts with a vowel?


Thanks so much!


Well, there's a little difference. "Autó" refers to "car". But for example horse-drawn carriage is "lovas kocsi", and we don't use autó to describe it. And transport equipments that we use with our hands are also can be called "kocsi". Hand trucks, etc.


As I bet you guessed, autó is reference to a car being self-propelled as opposed to a lovas kocsi that is pulled by a horse and other types of "kocsi" pulled by hands etc. As an interesting (at least to me) side note, kocsi literally means from Kocs which was the city where some sort of original carriage was invented. This is why some form of the word kocs shows up in a lot of languages. Even English uses coach sometimes although carriage and cart have become a bit more common.


Yeah, this is Hungary. :D And Kocs is famous for its milk, too. 10 years ago I drank "Kocsi" milk.


What is the difference between autó and kocsi?


look at Windischgratz's comment, he explained it pretty well


autó is the foreign word for this vehicle, kocsi (--> coach) is of Hungarian origin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coach_%28carriage%29


The "a" in "az" sounds more like a schwa... is there any rule of thumb to follow for when a is pronounced like this (not sure if it's a true schwa) or closer to actual [a]?


My experience with Hungarian is this is not a true schwa sound, it is because it is spoken quickly in between the "és" and the "a" of autó. Slowly and carefully would make the "a" the same whether "a" or "az", which is not like any other European language "a" sound that I am familiar with.


"a" is never an [a], regarding IPA, there is only [a:] which is written á in Hungarian. "A" is indeed closer to schwa but not exactly that, it's more open and clearly more of a back vowel. This is a good reference imo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_phonology#/media/File:Hungarian_vowel_chart_with_rounded_short_a.svg

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