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  5. "הם לא אוכלים עוגיות."

"הם לא אוכלים עוגיות."

Translation:They don't eat cookies.

July 1, 2016



I always mix this word up with cake, especially in the plural.

Cake - עוּגָה, עוּגוֹת Cookie - עוּגִיָּה, עוּגִיוֹת

ugot vs ugiyot!!!


Try to think of it as a small Uga, maybe this will help :)


ha, yeah. that's perfect.


In English English we say biscuits rather than cookies but DuoLingo rejects it.


"English English" Leaving lingot


i think biscuits are different from cookies


@Saad579687 Yes and no. In British English, biscuits refer to the (usually small) hard baked products, which can be either savory or sweet, while cookies refers to the larger, soft/moist kind. In American English, we use cookie for both the hard and the soft kind, but only for sweet ones.


I'm guessing that עוגיות can refer to both?


oh, that's pretty interesting. I'm from Singapore and we are taught British English here. I have spent pretty much my whole life speaking English and I have always associated cookies and biscuits as different items. Thanks for that piece of information!


Biscuits in the US aren't sweet either, they're like a scone sized drop bread (I've only had buttermilk biscuits, and they're dense but somehow slightly airy & flaky.) Biscuits in UK can be a lot of things we'd call cookies and crackers here in the US. American biscuits are really good though! (If you've had an idli from southern India, it has that same dense but fluffy quality - although the ingredients are different.


In another exercise, 'biscuits' was accepted, though.


I wrote do not instead of don't. Marked it as incorrect, but those words are the same thing.


I thought cookies was two yod? עוגייה do you drop the second for plural? עוגיית is wrong? That comes up as shortbread or brownie in reverso!


If we were writing with niqqud it would have been עוגיה. The rules for writing without niqque are that the suffix /iya/ is written with two yods. the plural /yot/ with one yod. There is reason behind it - arguably it minimizes ambiguity (not that there isn't still ton of it).


You should allow biscuits instead of cookies for UK students. Cookies is an Americanism


In British English biscuits is the equivalent for 'ugiot. If it is possible, you could include as an alternative meaning.

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