"Igen, jól vagyok."

Translation:Yes, I am fine.

July 1, 2016

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I like the woman's voice very much. So pleasant to ears.


I wrote "Yes, I'm good". Is there anything actually wrong with that?


"Yes, I'm good" means "Jó vagyok". "Jól vagyok" is "I am fine" or "I am well" or "I am doing well" :-)


No, no, no - please. "I'm good" is perfect, it does mean "I'm fine" in this very context, even though it is somewhat informal. True enough, if you wanna say you are good, you would say the same.


Many would argue that "I'm doing good/I am good" is bad English.

There was this image going around the internet, I guess a movie quote or something:

"How are you doing?"
-"I'm doing good"
"Are you superman? Cause he's doing good. You're doing well."


If we're learning English, I would definitely say you have to do good/well the correct way. But as we're learning Hungarian, I would like to do grammatical errors that doesn't affect the meaning. We've still shown that we've understood the Hungarian sentence, that should be enough. – The same should go with mixing up is/are.


'well: jól' 'good: jó'


Yes. I'm good = jó vagyok -> pl. jó vagyok a nyelvtanulásban Jól vagyok = minden OK


this is really helpful to learn the difference in expression so it jhelps me speak the language with more detail, fluency


Is "g" pronounced like the English "d"?


No, g is the English hard g, like in gift or give

However "gy" is a separate letter with a separate sound, which is tricky to English speakers


What if we wrote "Igen, vagyok jol"? It would be correct?


the word order is not good in your answer. it has to be "jól vagyok".


Thank you for your input. I'm thrilled this course has finally gotten off the ground, and I would just like to say that comments like yours are EXTREMELY helpful for those of us for whom Hungarian is not just a foreign language, but a very unfamiliar one. So please, keep them coming. :-)


We, Hungarians are always very glad if someone started to learn our language! We know it is not easy and the Hungarian language is not comparable to any other language. So, if you need any help with, feel free to ask us! :)


Just a big "Thank you!" from here, too. I always thought Hungarian is an exciting language and finally we are able to learn it on Duolingo....spiced up with native Hungarian comments that improve the course even more. Nagyon szepen köszönöm!


Isn't Hungarian comparable with Finnish? I don't mean it's a carbon copy, but that there are similarities. – But the languages are more like cousins than siblings, so there might be huge differences.


Can i be your friend lol.


Danish is coming back to bite me...


Specifically, "igen" literally means "again" in Danish. Also, in Spanish, "yo" means "I".

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