"Nem, ez nem nagy alma, hanem kicsi."

Translation:No, this is not a big apple, but a small one.

July 1, 2016

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Shouldn't you say " No, this is not a big apple, but a small one" in English?

Is just "..., but small" correct?


the latter sounds terrible though


Yeah, thinking about this in retrospect, it would be better, using that clause, if one were to say

"This apple is not big, but small."


as there was only 1 "a" and no "one" to end the fraze as "but a small one" , I translated "No, this apple is not big, but small." Would that be correct, or would this need a different word order / word?


Both your answer, and VioletteNoire's above are correct in English.


How does one say: "The apple is not big, but small"?

Nem, ez nem alma nagy, hanem kisci?


Nem nagy az alma, hanem kicsi :)


Does nagy translate specifically to big or is it equivalent to large? Large is not accepted as a translation


My understanding is that nagy is used for both. The answer should accept both.


the word 'one' is not available in the words of choice


"No this apple is not big but small" was not accepted? Why?


What you wrote would be like "Nem, ez az alma nem kicsi, hanem nagy." You can see how "ez" and "alma" are far away from each other in the original sentence. This is for a good reason, "ez" is the subject and "alma" belongs to the predicate (with zero copula).


I wrote "No, this is not a big apple, but a small". That was marked as wrong. What is really wrong with that? It should not be necessary to write also "one" in the end.


I think this has already been discussed here and anyway, it's more of a question regarding English than Hungarian. In Hungarian, you don't use this "dummy noun", adjectives can stand without nouns and be declined as if they were nouns.


Unfortunately there are many intricacies between American English, Australian English, New Zealand English and uhm.. English English :)


I have used but rather as a translation for hanem. Why is it wrong now?


Why can't you say "No, this apple is not big but small."?


You can but it won't be the same syntactically. An analogy - it's a bit like translating 2+2 as 2*2. The result is the same but the ways to get there are different. Even if there is 95% semantical overlap between "this apple is not big" and "this isn't a big apple", they are still clearly different syntactically and "ez nem nagy alma" clearly corresponds to the latter.


Why not hanem van a kisci?

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