"The bus is here at noon."

Translation:A busz itt van délben.

July 1, 2016

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I put "Délben a busz itt van" and it was correct


Would 'A busz itt van dél' be acceptable instead of 'délben'? If not why not?


So far I know, dél is a noun..dél = noon, délben = at noon, but I am just beginner


délben is in two parts: dél = noon, -ben = inside. So it's literally "in noon".


'Délben itt van a busz' i put this and it was also correct


It seems following the same logic of "délben mindig itt van a vonat."

[deactivated user]

    Can I also say "Itt van délben a busz." In another sentence of this lesson this word order is required.


    I put "A busz délben van itt." following the logic: the bus is the topic, the emphasis is on "at noon"(not at the other part of the day) and "here" is the less important word cause it's clear that we are talking about here. It was accepted, but I wonder if my sentence actually means what I described it to mean.

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