"Good afternoon, Laszlo!"

Translation:Jó napot, László!

July 1, 2016



so if you have to translate Laszlo from English and it has no accents on it then it should be correct without the accents in Hungarian too, like if there is no English translation of the name then you either have the accents on both or you don't have them on either

July 1, 2016


i think the english version of lászló is leslie, but it's not accepted (yet?) in the course. it's not common (now) to translate the names. e.g. "leslie nielsen"'s name is not translated to "nielsen lászló" in hungary. and a hungarian person - e.g. a man called lászló - would not be happy if his name was translated to english version when he communicate in english. but it's okay to leave the accents in international written communication, because it would be difficult to use special hungarian carachters with non-hu keyboards. that's all. :)

July 1, 2016
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