"Ez telefon vagy lámpa?"

Translation:Is this a telephone or a lamp?

July 1, 2016

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I see how this could be confusing.


2 questions related to this sentence.

  1. Does vagy have multiple meanings?
  2. is this wrong? "Ez egy telefon vagy ez egy lámpa" If so, why?


  1. Yes, "vagy" has 2 meanings. 'you are' and 'or'.
  2. It's perfectly correct, just a little too verbose for people to say it that way.


Hungarians wouldn't say it that way. Check the original English question: 'this' is not repeated there either. 'Ez egy telefon vagy egy lámpa?' is better, more parsimonious. But everybody would understand it.


Why is this "a telephone or a lamp" and not "the telephone or the lamp". There is no "egy" in front of either word to determine "a lamp"??


That's a great question. I didn't even think of that and just put "A telephone" and "A lamp". It was correct but there is no distinction for that. Hmm.


Im getting confused by this aswell. I always get marked as wrong everytime i use "egy" or "a" when it is not in the sentence and i keep getting corrected and when i ignore it and do not type it I get a wrong answer too. Im so confused by this. Maybe because Hungarian is still in Beta


Is there a distinction between this or that in Hungarian?


This sentence reminds me of one of the things my parents and I brought back from two years of living in the United States, quite a few years ago now: a Mickey Mouse telephone that doubled as a lamp! And it got regular use in both capacities. I don't know whether Hungary has ever had such phones, though.


How is gy pronounced? It sounds like English y here.


It's kind of a dy sound mostly, with a little j in the middle.


so you pronounce dy but write gy?


No. People say d to get people started. When you say d you put your tongue to the top and front of the mouth. With gy it's more the top middle of the mouth.


Does the pronunciation of gy always change if it is before an L - like vagy lámpa? What exactly is the pronounciation there?


Another practical phrase, sure to be used often. Like, "Is this a language study aid or a hippo?"

  • Is this coffee or borscht?


Isn't the "Ez" pronounced wrongly by the recorded voice? It sounds like "esz" would sound in Hungarian.


Vagy sounds far too much like van here imo I knew the sentence only made sense with vafy but I put van due to it sounding like that on multiple relistens


I find this very difficult...just started and so far: az is' that' and 'the', vagy is 'or' and 'are', IS is dropped in a sentence(not dropped but not there), egy is dropped in this example, and this is just the first lesson...

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