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Stuck at 2/3 on Basic


I started using the app yesterday and in spite of going through the three lessons plus the consolation about four times each and reaching level 3, I'm stuck with the app saying I've only done 2/3 and I can't advance to the next skill as they're greyed out.

Any suggestions?


February 1, 2014



hey! Looks like you finished basics 1 and now need to move on to 'phrases' and 'basics 2' before you are able to unlock any other skills. Can you see if those are unlocked on the app for you?


It's Basics 1 where I seem to be stuck. It's basics 2 and phrases that I can't get to because they aren't accessible.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm not down with the terminology yet!


That's ok! You will pick it up quickly! I have a few more questions :)What happens when you click on them? Can you try clicking on those skills? Also, what type of internet connection are you using? Are you behind a proxy or are you using satellite internet?


I've figured it out. I logged out and back in again to the app and it seems to have updated me to my position consistent to where I am on the website. Thank you!

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