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Word lists for what we've learned

Hey guys, so I've started to learn Vietnamese. I've previously used Duolingo to learn Spanish. One thing that I particularly loved about the Spanish course was that it recorded in a list all the words you have encountered thus far. I believe some other courses, such as French and German, have this feature.

I wanted to know what are the chances of such a feature being introduced in the Vietnamese course in the future. Is it simply a matter of the course being new and there are still changes to make, or is the matter more technical than that?

July 1, 2016



It has to do with the structure of the site on Duolingo's end. There are actually only a few courses (I believe EN, PT, ES, FR, DE and IT) that have word lists.

That said, I recently came across a nicely formatted post for another course that listed all the words lesson by lesson; I liked that format and may do something similar in the future.

I also put all the vocabulary in the memrise course, listed on the resource sticky.

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