Congrats + a question regarding pronunciation

Hey guys,

First of all congrats for launching into beta! I'm very very excited to learn Hungarian on Duolingo! :D

Second, I was wondering what is the pronounciation of "gy", as in "vagyok" and "egy"

Thank you so much for that course!!! :D

July 1, 2016


Hi Dvir, it's /ɟ͡ʝ/. It's a very rare sound in languages worldwide... It's similar to English J, but with the middle/back of your tongue against the hard palate, instead of the tip.

July 1, 2016


July 1, 2016

I also want to say congrats! I must admit I have never really had much exposure to Hungarian before, but I really dig the sounds! WOW! Seriously, I think I might be getting hooked.

July 1, 2016

It is a soft "d", it is pronounced like "dy".

July 1, 2016

It is a little similiar to polish DŹ, but the front of the tongue touches the teeth.

July 2, 2016
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