"A fiatal színésznő nem ezen a repülőgépen utazik, hanem azon a vonaton."

Translation:The young actress is not flying on this airplane, but on that train.

July 1, 2016



Why does it suggest that the actress is flying on a train? Can one fly on a train? Am I missing something? Why aren't "isn't travelling" or "isnt't going" accepted?

I reported this but I'm curious if anyone here has a clue....

May 20, 2017


You're absolutely right, "utazik" means "to travel", and that's exactly what the pop-up hint says. The English translation is just wrong. As you can read in my previous comment I used the simple present, and it was not accepted, but I am sure I used "travel" and not "fly". There are a lot of mistakes of this kind, or at least there were, I am trying to contribute to improving this course by reporting them.

May 20, 2017


Plane and airplane are synonyms, no? I think plane should be accepted as well

July 1, 2016


Report it if you get marked as wrong :)

July 1, 2016


Yes, I have been reporting this too, a long time ago

August 23, 2016


Fixed now

January 12, 2017


I think this sentence is way too short. Here is my suggestion:

A szép fiatal magyar születésű orosz színésznő nem ezen a piros nedves repülőgépen utazik háttal állva, hanem azon a harmadosztályú hosszú kék MÁV vonaton ülve, amelyiknek kilyukadt a kereke, úton Bivajbasznádra, Tiszanekeresden keresztül.

I give 10 lingots to the first person, who translates this sentence.

June 17, 2017


The beautiful young Hungarian-born Russian actress doesn't travel on this red wet plane standing back but sitting on that third-class long blue MÁV train which has a hole in one of its wheels, while on the way to Bivajbasznád, through Tiszanekeresd.

(Native Hungarian ;) )

June 19, 2017


I was thinking puncture for "kilyukadt a kereke". It is longer this way, plus point for that.

June 19, 2017


There may be a language in this world that has a single-word translation to this sentence. I think Welsh has a good chance.

May 13, 2018



November 30, 2018


As a native Finn, I just love Hungarian. The familiar flow of the suffix-filled language actually gets clearer and clearer, the more complicated the Duolingo sentences get! No matter how different the Finnish and the Hungarian are grammatically, they at least share a rhythm. I wonder what the Hungarian poetry is like. <3

April 23, 2018


Keep on learning, and hopefully one day you will be able to appreciate Hungarian poetry. Personally, I think it is amazing.
And please poke your fellow Finns (and Duolingo) to finally give us a Finnish course in Duolingo. :) I am sure I am not the only one eagerly waiting... Hölökyn kölökyn! :)

May 13, 2018


------- ted a kezed homlokomra

mint ha kezed kezem volna . . .

Big 8 feb 19

February 9, 2019


"Tedd"... "mintha"

February 9, 2019


Once again, simple present not accepted.

July 3, 2016


I reported It.

July 13, 2016


I reported it too.

October 7, 2016


Can we use a prepostion "by" instead, if not, why?

December 9, 2017


Maybe because in this case the suffixes literally mean "on"

April 6, 2018


I think when you use "by", as in "by train", it is about a means of transportation. "I always travel by train". But here we have specific vehicles: this airplane and that train. And the sentence is about whether she is on the airplane or on the train. So, using "by" would be unusual, although there may be circumstances when it would be okay.

May 13, 2018


Plane should be accepted.

August 28, 2016


It was better "utazik"be translated to " travel " because trains do not fly!!!.

November 13, 2017


I can't report the English translation as faulty because my answer was marked as correct, but it would be really nice if Duolingo could replace that "flying" by "traveling"...

November 20, 2018


I think that even a young actress cant fly on the train therefor in Hungarian version they used the real ver to traavel and not to fly.

August 17, 2018


Hi,how are you doing my friend, why you didn't answer me,please let me know That finally trains can fly or no?very simple yes or no!please hurry up.

November 14, 2017
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