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  5. "A nő újra fiatal."

"A újra fiatal."

Translation:The lady is young once again.

July 1, 2016



Is this a natural sentence in Hungarian? What does it mean? Are you alluding to a Hungarian fountain of youth maybe?


Very horrified story but when we say this sentence, what does it mean in Hungarian ? I mean is it agressive expression or just joke etc ?


Seeing as the google search only yields 6 results, I'd think the course contributors were just inspired from that saga or that it's just a typical "whatever" duolingo phrase.


Plastic surgery, maybe?


Maybe yes, but sometimes a shopping without the complaining husband can do the effect, too. ;)


Yes, it's natural


This may be figuratively speaking - feeling young again after some pleasant experience. But I would appreciate more standard examples - like She is happy again or She is late again.


That's the way of it! You met a strange sentence and found out how to create useful ones based on the strange one. Could you give a try to say these samples in Hungarian? I am here (somewhere near here) to help you if you need.


How lucky is that...


me gustaría saber su poción mágica.


I suspect this lady is rejoicing at her good fortune!


strange expression


Believe it or not, it is the matter of decades to become realistic.


In the English language, this is nonsensical statement. It would never be said becasue it makes no sense to a English speaking person. So its difficult to translate correctly for people who speak English as their first language.


Why do you insist on real and logical statements? We play and have fun. This is one of the best ways to learn languages easily.


You cannot learn a language with nonsense sentences. For example: "The airplane is walking under the ocean while asleep". - Anyone can make up any bogus sentence, but that isn't unhelpful when you are trying to learn how to translate and learn a language.


How about magic? Does magic "exist" less in English settings than around the world?


Like Benjamin Button haha


I don't know why ppl complain about this sentence, there's nothing wrong with it.


She must have got a cosmetic surgery.


Not necessarily, but that is also an option. Give her a good rest, kindness and care, or give her an unlimited credit card and a week in a mall, buy her a rejuvenating treatment in a wellness spa, or just make her feel herself like the Queen of the World when she expects but trouble after a tiresome day. These all will do. ;)


This made me think of the children's book by Mary Rodgers, "Freaky Friday" (subsequently made into a Disney movie), although that's more about a teenager who wakes up in her mother's body! However, her mother also "borrows" her body for the day, so in that sense, it could be said, "the lady is young again". It is a somewhat strange sentence though - might make more sense if it was "the lady FEELS young again" or something along those lines.


I think you're on the right track. In Hungarian colloquial it may mean that, but it is still better to translate more literally.


If you were to directly translate this sentence it would be: "the woman is newly young". Maybe a close translation/expresion in english would be "she's a new (young) woman".


The direct translation for "újra" is "again", not "newly". Actually the suggested translation is almost a direct translation already. "The woman is again young."


does No not mean woman? I was told i was wrong for saying 'the woman'


"A nő" indeed means "The woman". Report it.


The text-to-speech here is such low quality. I hope we get regular recordings back, soon.


Recently, 'woman' for nõ and 'again' for újra was accepted, and suddenly, this is now 'lady' and 'once again'. When, and why are changes like this made to the practices? I feel rather 'caught out' just as I was getting some confidence

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