"That is a window."

Translation:Az egy ablak.

July 1, 2016

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Ah, so Ez = This and Az = That, but also just "It"?


Can you say just "Az ablak" or not?


You can but it sounds very much like "the window". So, make sure you say what you mean to say.

With "Az szék" (that is a chair), it works better because of the "A"-"Az" variation.

The chair - A szék

That is a chair - Az (egy) szék.

So, even if we leave out the "egy", you can tell the difference.

With "Az ablak", there is no telling.

The window - Az ablak

That is a window - Az (egy) ablak

But in the right context, it could be easy to do so:

Ez szék, az asztal, az ablak. - this is a chair, that is a table, that is a window.


If you pause between the two words it would be obvious you mean "That is a window".


And how will be That window?


That window = Az az ablak. This window = Ez az ablak.


Why az over ez here?


az = that (or the)

ez = this

[deactivated user]

    Why does "ablak" look&sound like it's the plural form?

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