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  5. "Your right or my right?"

"Your right or my right?"

Translation:הימין שלך או הימין שלי?

July 1, 2016



The order in the answer is wrong


At least they were kind enough to count it as a typo instead of a wrong answer, for me. Still, it should be fixed.


הימינך או הימיני - האם זה גם אפשרי?


Just take the הs out.


No. You cannot use ה with personal pronoun suffixes.


Why not without the definite article?


To me (native speaker) they both have the same meaning, although not using the definite article sounds a bit more common and informal.


I think the language rules require it because of the של. I remind myself of the need of the ה by using the English construct "the ... of ....". Like so:

The right of yours or the right of mine?

instead of

Your right or my right.

The boy's dog <=> The dog of the boy הכלב של הילד.

Disclaimer: I am just a learner myself. Please make correction if necessary.


That's a clever point, and it might be true grammar-wise (I have no idea). But when it comes to directions (left/right, north/south/west/east, 3 o'clock, etc.) there's really no difference in day to day speech.

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