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  5. "היא הופכת לחיה."

"היא הופכת לחיה."

Translation:She is becoming an animal.

July 1, 2016



Is this slang or like... when we talk about werewolves?


So I have a terrible mind but I have heard this sentence in English um, in reference to the bedroom and assume one could say the same in Hebrew. She's such a sweet girl but in bed? She becomes an animal! Haha


English is my native language, and that is the very first thing I thought of when I saw this sentence.

My question though is the same as yours: can this mean the same thing in Hebrew, or not?


Umm don't expect realism from these sentences :)

It's no slang that I know of, so probably a werewolf would be a better example.

Although you could say: "היא מתנהגת כמו חיה" - she is behaving like an animal.


probably just a weird example to show how the verb "become" works.


Does anyone else feel like they are suddenly introducing a ton of new words in each lesson? I feel like I don't have the chance to memorize them because they just keep giving me new words.


I remember it was a bit shock to me too, from using only אוהב and אוכל plus a few more over and over again, suddenly come a lots of new verbs! Maybe it would be easier for us if some of these new words were introduced earlier. Anyway, good that Duo let us repete by the practice button!


Go to Duolingo Hebrew on Memrise and work with the words first.


I use an app to make flashcards(because making actual flashcards is a lil bit more tedious). Flashcards help me memorize faster then I use lingots to flash through the lessons.


I agree, in spite 9 lessons I can barely remember anything. Soon i will be on the last level of this lesson and I really know only a few words ...


Duolingo at its finest.


she's getting really angry now...


hi hoféchet le-chayá.


Maybe it could be used with a woman in the bed :-D


l am swamped with all these new words!


In mama loshn. זי אַיז אַ װילדאַ חיה.


I can remember my parents using this expression. But a little spelling correction: There should be nothing under the alef of איז ( = is) and vilde is ווילדע. Adjectives modifying a feminine singular noun end in ע. Thanks for sharing.


It does not accept "turning into" but it should ... it is more natural in speech


The hint text says "to the animal," which is extremely unhelpful in this context.


That's literally what it means though. In Hebrew, "become" requires a proposition. You literally "become to a werewolf".


Is this something that happens in Israel?


figuratively or literally


Hey it's lycanthrope for werewolves! The actual ability is therianthropy, in slang: shifter. They're not all werewolves! Like Bold Novikov is half polar bear & half Siberian tiger: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6972157-beast-behaving-badly


True, true. And "she may insist Bo's nothing but a pain in her delectable behind, but polar bears have patience in spades".

I just have 2 questions: have you read that book, and is it intentionally or unintentionally funny?


אָדַם זְאֵב werewolf shapeshifter משנה צורה Looked it up on Reverso


I guess the only way to learn the true meaning would be making a mistake in a real conversation. However I would like her to become a pussycat!


.... such a weird sentence

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