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  5. "Ön eladó vagy titkárnő?"

"Ön eladó vagy titkárnő?"

Translation:Are you a sales lady or a secretary?

July 1, 2016



Wouldn't it sound better as: Ön eladónő vagy titkárnő?

Or word eladónő is not commonly used in Hungarian?


I guess both eladó and eladónő are correct but eladó is the common one. Simply because when we say eladó, we associate to women. Compare with "nurse". We don't really need to say "female nurse", do we? I guess "titkár" started out being a mostly male profession, hence "titkárnő ". Or who knows why, this is just how it is.


Don't want to report it because it may just be me, but I don't really hear the "gy" in vagy in the recording for this sentence. Can anyone else hear it?


I can hear it a little bit, but it isn't very clearly pronounced. I don't have much experience listening to spoken Hungarian, but from what I have heard it seems as though the gy combination isn't always very clearly pronounced, whereas at other times it's pronunciation is rather clear. I don't know much about pronunciation, though, so perhaps a native can shed more light on this. ^_^


Can elado mean seller or only sales lady?


There was another example in this section that actually has as translating "the seller" as az eladó.
I was caught off-guard with the Ön


I put "Are you the sales clerk or the secretary and I got it wrong". It elado always female?


But there are no definite articles in the Hungarian sentence. So, not "the sales clerk" but "a sales clerk".

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