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  5. "הקופים נגדךָ."

"הקופים נגדךָ."

Translation:The monkeys are against you.

July 1, 2016



Best sentence ever!


What about the cows?


This entire lesson is insane :')


My worst nightmare.


hahaha חחחחח


I didn't need their support anyway.


זה ok, הקופים actually תומכים לך


hahaha חחחחח


It reminded me of the original movie The Wizard of Oz, the flying monkeys.

[deactivated user]

    Planet of the apes!!!!!!!


    This sentence killed me laughing, I'm dead.

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    "apes" is it not correct?


    זה משפט קצת מוזר! חחח


    Is that how you spell laughter in Hebrew? :D


    Absolutely terrifying.


    נֶגְדַךָ אוֹ נֶגְדֵךָ? דַ או דֵ?


    בגלל שאתה גונב את הבננות שלהם.


    On my keyboard there seems to be no way to type it


    You need to download the Hebrew keyboard or use a virtual one.


    If you mean that you cannot type the vowels with a standard hebrew keyboard, the solution depends on whether you are using a computer or a phone. If you are using the windows operating system, and are typing in Hebrew, you can use alt with a numeric code to produce the vowels. This includes shin and sin dots, and the dagesh. They are found between alt 0192 and alt 0210. This is taking advantage of the windows system, so will also work with word, excel, webex and zoom. I haven't tried it with skype. There are other ways of creating shortcuts with windows as well, and if you are really clever you can customise your keyboard. The only way that I know of with a phone is to download gboard, add Hebrew as one of your languages, and choose gboard as one of your keyboards. If you are worried about security you can toggle back to your normal keyboard when not studying Hebrew. To use the gboard system you have to know the names of the vowels to find their location. פ is ַ and ֲ , ק is ָ and ֻ and ֳ , צ is ֵ , ס is ֶ and ֱ , ש is ְ and שׂ and שׁ. The dagesh is found under ד. The other vowels are found under ח. That is, ֹ and ִ The vowels used with vav are filed under vav. וֹ , וּ. There is also the bonus of an accent mark with this system. ֫. It is found under ע. This system enables the letters in hebrew which are used to write foreign words. So you can write ח׳, ז׳,ג׳צ׳, each with the corresponding Hebrew letter. Hope this helps someone.

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