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Change App Language

I'm Dutch, learning Spanish from English and I just downloaded the update. After the update, everything changed to Dutch. Example: Spanish Skills is now Spaanse Vaardigheden (Dutch). Although I'm still learning Spanish from English, I want everything English! So could Duolingo please make a setting for changing the app language? I'm kind of desperate right now cause Duolingo was my favorite app and now it's Dutch and I hate Dutch... So please find a solution guys...

February 1, 2014



Yeah but I don't want everything on my phone in English, just Duolingo :(


You are a lucky example because my app is half english half translated at the moment... Looks like a weird hybrid to me.

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I think the apps just use the system language (like most other apps do (localization)). Since Spanish is my main target language right now, I switched the system language of all gadgets and computers to Spanish and the app is entirely in Spanish (which is exactly what I want). Yet another way to improve your target language just a little bit everyday (an example: I used to confused the Spanish verb for to search. Now I see that every day without actively noticing it — it's just there. ;)).


This is correct! It's based on your Phone UI, which is the convention for mobile phones.


While I would recommend this for every app out there, I'm not sure about Duolingo. Particularly the discussions and error reporting might get confusing.

Eg. I learn Spanish from English on a phone with Polish interface. If the app is in Polish and I want to report a problem with a sentence and do it in Polish, the moderators probably won't understand what I wrote in the "other problem" field. Also you might get people posting discussions in languages other than English, especially for sentences with no comments, because there's no clue that it's an English forum.

I am mostly convinced that it should be consistent with the way it works on the web right now (use "course source language" as the UI language). This comes from a "follow the platform guidelines" guy.

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What language is shown is completely independent of what language you write in.


Here are Google Play comments from people with Russian interface http://goo.gl/VdXdjv I don't see any comments in English. How's that independent?

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I thought we were talking about giving comments at doulingo. Then, generally speaking, an interface or the language settings thereof, does not force you to comment in this particular language. I have set my browser's (in fact system language) language to Spanish. As you can see, I can easily comment in whatever language I want to.

Re: Google Play store: there is a language parameter in the URL: hl=ru which shows Russian comments. If you change this to hl=es it shows Spanish comments.

Am I missing the point, here?

Edit: Here is the 'Spanish' link: http://goo.gl/lZqYdP


> Am I missing the point, here?


> Re: Google Play store: there is a language parameter in the URL: hl=ru which shows Russian comments.

No, it doesn't filter the comments. This parameter changes the website interface language. Additionally, it shows you comments from people who use that language interface on their phones, not comments in that language.

To illustrate this, you can look at the Polish interface http://goo.gl/QwkHQ3 where you'll find half of the comments in Polish and half in English.

> Then, generally speaking ...

It has nothing to do with your web browser language or system language. It's about the particular context you're in at the moment of writing the comment.

If you change the language on Duolingo to "Spanish from English" you will see discussions are in English. If you switch to "English from Spanish" you will see they are in Spanish. If you change to "English from Polish" you will see they are in Polish.

Nobody forced those people to write in those particular languages. That even sounds ridiculous. Nonetheless because Duolingo addresses them in Polish and says "Napisz komentarz" they do it in that language if they know it.

And in this discussion you are using English, because the original post is in English, which in turn used English because this part of the site is in English. Why did you think you were writing in English?


We figured out how to change it. You have to "close session" and then at the top of the web page you can switch the language of the site!!! yay :)


I agree with you like my main language is French. I've learned English also. But in High school I learned Spanish through French classes. My phone (and account) are in English so when I did exercises in Spanish, I had to translate Spanish words into French (because I learned it that way) then translate it again in English. So I wanted to know how I could change my app language to French instead of English?


Hi Justine!

You'll need to enroll in the Spanish for French speakers course here: https://www.duolingo.com/course/es/fr/Learn-Spanish-Online :)


Hi MusicBauk,

I suggest that you move this to the Troubleshooting section. You'll find instructions here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215

Good luck! ^_^


If you change the main language at Duolingo website it reflects on mobile UI in the same way. I've got this problem using app version 6.6.1 on iOS and they removed that button (shift between main languages). I am a Portuguese native but I used to study other languages as an English speaker, to get more options available, like Swedish, and this button was essential (now I have to go to the website to enable this option, back to mobile).

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