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"The trees are walking away from the garden."

Translation:A fák elsétálnak a kertből.

July 1, 2016



Well at least they don't fly like kindergarten teachers...


What the...? Trees... Walking??


I remember walking apples in Dutch course...


I LOVE the imagination in this course. Please don't get rid of it.


Once again does this sentence make sense in hungarian and if so what does it really mean?


Well, at least now we know that the Ents (LotR) not only live in forests but have infiltrated human settlements and are spying on us from our very own gardens! Who knew? ;p

PS: It's just a funny sentence, to the best of my knowledge, no, it doesn't mean anything else.


No, it is just another stupid sentence like "flying kindergarten teachers". I do not know, why we study this kind of sentences, instead of real, every day usable ones.


a triffids jonnek


A fák kisétálnak a kertből. Not accepted but surely it is better. I puzzled over this for a while and decided that the question meant that the trees were walking out from the garden in which they were originally growing. Kertből tells me that this is correct. In that case, they're coming out from the garden and kisétálnak is what they do first before they continue. Later, once beyond the fence, elsétálnak would seem right and then it would be kerttől I think. Any offers?

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