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"A vonat nem ott van, hanem itt."

Translation:The train is not there, but here.

July 1, 2016



Should "The train is not there, but rather here" be correct?


Yes, it should.


"But rather" or "but instead", both are good at describing the situation. I wonder about the etymology of the word "hanem". It may be just a coincidence that it can be split into "ha" ( = if ) and "nem" ( = not ). The usage is not to be confused with "ha nem"

It is worthwhile noting that the "hanem" part always contradicts a previous negated statement.

Not (one statement) but instead (a different statement).


"Sino" in Spanish also has similar components, "si" (if) and no (no/not) and has the same meaning


Nice, thanks! I keep finding these small similarities between Spanish and Hungarian myself. "Como no" - "hogyne", "me gusta" - "nekem tetszik", etc. Similar logic.
I think Hungarian might have picked up a lot of structure from Latin, as well.


I think these "The X is not [preposition], but (rather) [opposite preposition]" sentence are very effective for these prepostions.


Why don't we add a "van" after "itt"?


Because it is unnecessary to repeat the verb, just like in the English sentence. You can do it but there is no need.


The train is not there, but over here. -I thought this, mayhaps be a smoother translation. Lo and behold -It was accepted! 'I must be very proud of myself' -lol. At any rate: Вот и Voila! Prego.


I take the "check" by mistake

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