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  5. "Easily or with difficulty?"

"Easily or with difficulty?"

Translation:בקלות או בקושי?

July 1, 2016



So why is "bekalut", which ends with a hey spelled thusly, and "b'kushi", which also ends in a hey(and doesn't seem to contain any special letters) spelled this way? Why isn't it "bekashut"?


Neither word has a hey (ה), and they don't end with the same letter - they start with the same two letters, "..בק". (bet and kof)


Forgive me, I was thinking "Kalah" for some reason. "Kasheh" has a a hey at the end, does it not?


Oh, sorry - I didn't understand you then, I thought you were talking about the words בקלות and בקושי..

You're right - קל is easy and קשה is difficult, while קלות = ease and קושי = difficulty, but I'm not sure if there's a general rule here.


Well, I think the group ['XoXi] consists of only a few nouns whose biblical pausal form has been generalised, like יֹ֫פִי, חֹ֫לִי, קֹ֫שִׁי, which were originally יֳפִי, חֳלִי, קְשִׁי, all of them roots with a weak third radical.

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