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"Ich stimme dir in diesem Punkt nicht zu."

Translation:I do not agree with you on this.

February 1, 2014



To native English speakers: what's wrong with: " I do not agree with you on this point"?


Absolutely nothing. But I would be more likely to say "I do not agree with you about this point" - however, that was marked wrong.


'I do not agree with you on this point' was accepted as correct 10/10/2014


Well, looks like to agree is zustimmen, while prefix-less stimmen is to vote, to be correct, etc. So zustimmen is one of those verbs, that send its prefix to the end of the sentence.


disagree is regarded as wrong... is it ok?


That's arguable. I think it's possible to neither agree nor disagree about a point, so "don't agree" isn't exactly interchangeable with "disagree".

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That's really splitting hairs. I am yet to encounter a context/situation where "I do not agree"≠"I disagree". What you are talking about here corresponds to English "I don't fully/entirely/completely agree". Meantime mere "I don't agree" is always understood as a statement of disagreement.
There is no sensible argument for not accepting it here.


Duolingo likes to be exact. "I don't agree" means either I disagree or am neutral about it (not against or for your point). "I disagree" means only I disagree. When people get it wrong they can come to this thread and learn something... however useless it may be.

I could see the example "I don't agree with the way he handled the situation but it was effective." Here the speaker is not condemning or disagreeing with the actions, merely not supporting them.


hi karlsefni, my question is about the difference between "....on this" and "....on this point", thanks.


I'm not an English native speaker, but in my opinion your translation is fine, even better then that proposed by Duolingo. If it was marked wrong, please report it through the support button on the left, or next time when you'll practice on this level

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This word order does my head in. Would "Ich stimme dir in diesem Punkt nicht" be considered correct by a native?


The verb is zustimmen (to agree). The separable prefix zu needs to go to the end of the sentence.


I entered "I do not agree with you on this," then looked for "point" in the word bank but didn't find it. So I entered "marking" assuming Duolingo was being obtuse, as it sometimes is, and was marked wrong. The idea that it could have expected me not to translate "Punkt" at all didn't cross my mind. Pretty irritating.


hair splitting again......What,s the difference ? I disagree or I don't agree?


Can I say,

Ich stimme dir nicht in diesem Punkt zu

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