"Are the light and red apples dry or wet?"

Translation:A könnyű és piros almák szárazak vagy nedvesek?

July 1, 2016

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Nedves tends to mean moist but I think vizes is more apt in this case as it lierally means wet. You would never say your apples are moist..


General question on inclusive versus exclusive "vagy" My understanding is that in most cases you would use the placement of the verb to determine whether vagy was inclusive or exclusive, but what about cases where lenni is omitted in the third person?

For example:

Is this retes pear or walnut? [<-- Inclusive]

Is this retes fresh or stale [<---- Exclusive]


I think you would use the same construction in those two sentences:

Is this retes pear or walnut? Ez a rétes körtés vagy diós?

Is this retes fresh or stale? Ez a rétes friss vagy száraz?

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