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  5. "Something is touching me."

"Something is touching me."

Translation:משהו נוגע בי.

July 1, 2016



I guess I'll have to remember that נגע is used with ב and not just את.

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That's true when learning any language. Just as in English you go to, arrive at, lean on, sit in (a chair), sit at (a table), talk to, and hope for.


why is it בי instead of לי? is the structure always נוגע ב...?

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That something is not touching for me, it is touching me. So if anything, English would steer you to the (wrong) "משהו נוגע אותי". Regardless, the idiom in Hebrew is ״נוגע ב-״.

You may have seen ״נוגע ל-״ somewhere. That is because this is an idiom with a totally different meaning. It means "pertains to". So your suggestion of "משהו נוגע לי" means "something pertains to me".


(naomi) In Portuguese it's the same: 'Alguem está tocando em mim' ('Someone is touching "at/in" me). I think it is the correct way to use 'נוגע' in Hebrew, too...


Eerie last words

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