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"Az új repülőtér nagy és szép."

Translation:The new airport is big and nice.

July 1, 2016



c'mon, "large" and "big" are the same word!


This is why it's called beta. You can always report "my answer should be accepted".


LoL hahahaha c'mon it is still beta dude


"és" to me sounded like "egy", it makes no sense ofc, but it just me having problem to hear correctly this?


In that case, "és" is followed by a word that starts with an "s" so you would pronounce it like "sz" to facilitate the pronounciation. But anyway, the difference between "s" and "gy" or "e" and "é" sounds pretty clear to me, I think you just need a bit more practice.


"és szép" - The ending of 'és' doesn't really have the 'sh' sound that I can hear. Is that because the next word has an 's' sound?


Exactly. In case you put an effort in pronouncing the 'sh' at the end of 'és', you would actually sound like a dry, formal politician at the opening ceremony of the new airport, who distances him/herself from the rest of us. If you try to keep it easy and relaxed, like in a normal conversation, you cannot really preserve the 'sh' here.


So Repül = to fly, what do "gép" in repülogép and "lőtér" in repülőtér stands for?


"Lőtér" is "shooting range" according to Google and it has nothing to do with repülőtér. Well in fact it does, since tér is space/square but lő is a verb for shoot while repülő is a participle out of repül (ie "flying"), also meaning (air)plane.


"repülő" is either something that flies ie a flyer or an adjective meaning flying. The ending -ő or -ó is common to make a verb into a noun. And "gép" is a machine. So "repülogép" is a "flying machine".


Oh? There is an "accept my answer" feature? OK I'll look for that. Sorry


it's under 'report a problem"


Why was szep defined as "nice" instead of "beautiful" here?


szép means anything positive. If you describe food with "szép" the food is good. I fyou describe someone as szép, they are beautiful/kind.


There are different levels in Hungarian to express how nice something is, and "gyönyörű" and "csinos" are the levels above "szép". But all three mean "nice/beautiful". I think it depends on the context.


The new airport is big and nice.


My answer was correct except for the accents - these work in the mobile version


I print this sentence correct and it is exactly like the program shows it to be but it continues to say i am wrong. Why?


Being super picky here, but is nagy és szép word order changeable? In English you'd say nice and big, not big and nice, just sounds weird purring it that way round


Im pretty sure putting big in the place of nice isnt a mistake


'Aeroport' is a legit spelling for this word, why is it marked incorrect??

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