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  5. "Az ügyvéd fényképez kint."

"Az ügyvéd fényképez kint."

Translation:The lawyer is taking pictures outside.

July 1, 2016



C'mon, "outdoors" and "outside" are the same word!


My son tells me that the pickiness is due to this being a beta, that the final release will be more tolerant, at least other languages work that way


Yes. If there is an answer that you believe should be accepted, but isn't, click "report a problem" and then "my answer should be accepted".


Ok thanks for the help. Still figuring this out


What is the difference between ügyvéd and jogász?


"jogász" (lawyer) is someone who studied law at university. then he/she can become an "ügyvéd" (i think attorney is an ok translation), a "bíró" (judge), etc by studying some more and passing some other exams. it seems similar in that respect to the american system.

(that needed some googling. i'll leave the sources here in case someone wants to check. hungarian part: http://ugyvedjelolt.jogero.hu/info/alapok/jogasz-ugyved-ugyesz-biro-hogy-is-van-ez/; american part: http://www.thelawinsider.com/insider-tips/whats-the-difference-between-an-attorney-and-a-lawyer/)


So "fényképez" means "take pictures." How do you say "take a picture?" As in just one. "Can I take a picture of that?"


"Can I take a picture of that?" - "Lefényképezhetem (azt)?"

"fényképez" doesn't specify if it is only one photo or many.


My experiences with other sentences would've told me to write "Az ügyvéd kint fényképez" instead. Does putting "kint" at the end stress it?


"az ügyvéd kint fényképez" feels like the most neutral translation. (or when saying it, you can put a stress on "kint" or on "fényképez".) the official translation, "az ügyvéd fényképez kint" puts the stress on "ügyvéd".


"The lawyer photographs outside" should be an acceptable translation, shouldn't it?


Sure, sounds good. Please report it. :)


Got it. I should have looked there, but in my mind it wasn't a "problem", just pickiness.


Is "The lawyer is taking a picture outside" also right?


That is acceptable.


Surely take phitos or pictures should be acceptable...


Am i right in thinking that 'Az ügyvéd kint fényképez' would be more like 'the lawyer is outside taking pictures' and the DL answer 'az ügyvéd fényképez kint' is 'the lawyer is taking pictures outside', or is that an oversimplification?

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That is an oversimplification :)

The main problem is that from 'the lawyer is outside taking pictures' -> the closest translation is 'Az ügyvéd kint van és fényképez'

There is some difference between 'Az ügyvéd kint fényképez' and 'az ügyvéd fényképez kint", but not the one you said.

  1. Where is the lawyer taking pictures? Outside.
    Hol fényképez az ügyvéd? Kint.
    Az ügyvéd kint fényképez.

  2. What is the lawyer doing outside? Taking pictures.
    Mit csinál kint az ügyvéd? Fényképez.
    Az ügyvéd fényképez kint.

  3. Who is taking pictures outside? The lawyer.
    Ki fényképez kint? Az ügyvéd.
    Az ügyvéd fényképez kint.

So here 2. and 3. give the same word order.

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