"Itt nincs este."

Translation:It is not evening here.

July 1, 2016

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this sentence makes no sense


It does. For example, you can say there's not evening here but there is on the other side of the planet. Still, interesting sentence choice.


Random-like sentences are a useful way to show that you have understanding of the language.


I think reading the comment sections on these examples is even more fun than doing the duolingo itself. So funny! I do love that we are learning nuances of a language as well as the language itself. It is just challenging and will take some time.

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    I think this sentence is incredibly misleading. As a non-Hungarian speaker it could very easily have been taken as a way of saying "It is not evening here", a sentence that would actually make sense. As it is, this sentence would not ever occur in either the English or Hungarian language.


    This sentence does mean "It is not evening here" which is not even an unlikely thing to be said.


    "It is not evening here" should be correct. "There is no evening here" sounds like a world without dusk.


    I agree. I was imagining a science fiction scenario, maybe a world with two suns, or something like the opposite of Dark City. For the sentence, I thought a translation could be "Here, it is not evening".


    I think the Hungarian sentence "Itt nincs este" can mean both:

    1. There is no evening here. Yes, this a fictional world without night, or you are in the North Pole in the middle of summer:)

    2. It is not evening here (right now) Like, you are talking with a friend in Japan: Oh there is already evening there? Here, it is not. Maybe, "Itt még nincs este" = "It's not evening here yet" would be better here.


    How do I use the word 'nincs'? I'm confused.


    You can use "van" for "there is", and "nincs" is a negated version, so it means 'there is no"

    For example, you go to a shop.

    Van kenyér? (Is there any bread?)

    Nincs kenyér. (There is no bread)


    I think the more correct English sentence would be "It is not (the) evening here".

    Otherwise, yes, it stands for "there is no", "have no", "don't have" and the like. Also, speaking of time and weather, it could stand for "it is not".

    It is not cold (outside) - Nincs hideg. - There is no cold.

    It is not late - Nincs késő

    It is not 9 o'clock yet - Nincs még 9 óra.


    It's not the evening here is just as good on English. I would use it when speaking to customers in USA with a time difference of 8 hours behind me


    "Its not evening here" isnt correct. Why.


    It is now (at least with it's)

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