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  5. "Ide vagy oda?"

"Ide vagy oda?"

Translation:Here or there?

July 1, 2016



To clarify this, ide means "to this location", and not "this way" or "in this direction".
Similarly, oda means "to that location", and not "that way" or "in that direction".

Sajnos in English, here can be both "at this location" and "to this location". Hungarian differentiates between the two.

  • 2080

English used to differentiate too: hither and thither.


"Hence" is still used (from here).


and what about "itt"? another type of "here"? :D


"Itt" means "at this location". And "ott" means "at that location".

There is proper terminology for these things but English linguistic lingo is still not my forte. Anyway, you can go to a place, you can be at a place and you can go away from a place. The first two are usually the same in English, the third one at least has some extra clue:

Here - to this location - "ide"

  • Come here - Gyere ide

Here - at this location - "itt"

  • Stay here - Maradj itt

From here - "innen"

  • Go away from here - Menj innen


Very interesting, thanks!!


"vagy" can mean "you are" and "or"?


This should help :)

You are either here or (you are) there:

Vagy itt vagy vagy ott (vagy)

Vagy - either

itt - here

vagy - you are

vagy - or

ott - there

vagy - you are

Also: "either-or" is "vagy-vagy".


That deserves a lingot.


yes, unfortunately those two words look the same. (but they are not related. like "can" in english)


When i translated it into Russian (with google.translate...), it translated it as "Are you here?" - is that correct meaning?


No. The meaning of this is question is to decide where to go or where to put something while the one who is asking is pointing at two places.


As of 2018, you simply can't trust google translate with Hungarian translations. The word "vagy" can mean either "or" or "you are". Here, it means "or".


Oh, I see. Because my native language - isn't English, so I need sometimes to translate into Russian, may be it would be better to buy ususal dictionary...Anyway, konszonom)


Excellent questions and responses on this page! Thank you all. Konszonom!

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