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  5. "Te egy ügyvédet festesz?"

"Te egy ügyvédet festesz?"

Translation:Are you painting a lawyer?

July 1, 2016



Why are we painting lawyers? Some of these sentences are a little odd. : )


I haven't done the Dutch-English course, but I'm told that at one point you're asked to translate "In reality, I am a turtle." :-)


In the Danish course there is an odd love story about a bear and a girl going on through the entire course, it seems. It's quite fun to follow. :D


In the Irish course, there are women in refrigerators and crabs eat and drink before everyone else.


Don't forget the drinking men in prison!


That's what makes the app fun. My favourite sentence is "Min mand er en robot"


They put some strange things in the cookies in Holland


It's not so weird to paint a lawyer ... My father was a lawyer (kind of) and my mother painted a portrait of him.


This one is not so weird, actually. For example, taking photos in court is forbidden in the US, so journalists have to draw.


meaning that someone is making a painting of a lawyer :)


They can be haters of lawyers :-) Seriously, what were you expecting? It is the beginning of the course. With limited number of words, some of the constructed sentences will be automatically strange. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


In general this is true. However in this specific case the light is an oncoming train - the sentences get weirder as you go along, and I believe that the tree is so poorly constructed that rather than graduating it out of beta, it's being rewritten from the ground up in the background: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/hu/en/status

So you might have to wait a while for things to make sense.


why not: "do you paint a lawyer"


Would this be painting a portrait of a lawyer?


Yes. Making art of a lawyer, specifically with paint (festék).


Ohhhh. I thought like... painting on the lawyer. Like body art, or making a mess of their suit... oops. How would one say that, I wonder?


I think you can express that with saying that you're painting onto the lawyer: Egy ügyvédre festesz?


Can I say Ügyvéden orvost festesz? "You are painting (a picture of) a doctor on a lawyer."


I think I screwed up there a little. Did some research and using -ra/-re as the suffix ('onto') makes more sense.
You could say it like that, I think, maybe with a bit better melody as "Ügyvédre egy orvost festesz?"


Haha, thanks! Saving that one into my memory of useful Hungarian sentences.


Seems to make sense... köszönöm!


Sorry, I think I messed up a little. I still have much to learn. It seems better to use -re as the suffix instead of -en, because the paint is applied onto the lawyer. (Have edited my previous comment accordingly.) However, you can say "Az ügyvéden festék van" - There is paint on the lawyer.


Once again, on what grounds isn't the simple present accepted?


On none. It's just not in the database yet, so keep reporting. :D


There are a lot of these in this skill, aren't there...


Could it also be translated as, "You are painting a lawyer?"

I was initially marked wrong for it, but didn't think to submit it as a possible translation until a few questions later.


That would work, too, since the pronoun being written out indicates a focus on you doing it. But asking the actual honest question ("Are you painting?") is a lot more common.


If I did he’d sue me for every mistake I make for defamation of character.


Just hearing the sentence, and so not seeing the question mark, I keep not getting that these are questions (I thought it was "You are painting a lawyer."). Is there a rule that can differentiate a question from a statement?


In Hungarian questions you generally make a special intonation on the penultimate syllable of the sentence. (In shorter sentences it can also be on the last syllable.) It's a bit hard to discern if that is a syllable which is stressed anyway, like here, but you'll notice that the festesz is pronounced with a bit higher voice than the rest of the sentence. Listen closely to the sentences in the course and you'll eventually be able to distinguish questions from statements.


An acquaintance comes to your studio. He has a six-pack of Heineken, so you don't want to be rude. As he takes a look at your latest canvas he asks this (idiotic) question. Yes, you are painting a lawyer. Lawyers have money, you need the commission.


Mindig komolyak. :)


Couldn't we have painted some flowers or trees or clouds instead?


I bet 10 jelly beans that the comments would not be about the grammar but how jacked up it is to paint lawyers, though plausible. Turtles in the Danish course? very funny and fun.


Sure, painting a lawyer is art for professionals.


There's a mistake in the app


Can someone explain the difference between ügyvédet and ügyvédét ( for example)?

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