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  5. "Hol repül a repülőgép?"

"Hol repül a repülőgép?"

Translation:Where is the airplane flying?

July 1, 2016



"hol" seems more appropriate with a stationary location like when asking where something or someone is (Hol van Éva?). "Hova" seems more appropriate when referring to someone or something traveling, or a future destination - "Hova repül a repülõgép?" "Hova sétál a tanár?" Does this make sense?


yes, you are correct. the answer to "hol repül a repülőgép?" is most likely "az égen" (in the sky) or "a tenger fölött" (above the sea). if you want to know the destination the question definitely would be "hova repül a repülőgép?"


Negyvenketto: your nick implies the ultimate answer for everything :D perhaps that's why you're right here! :D Nevertheless I would add that "hol repül a repülőgép" may refer to exact location and "épp most van Szeged fölött" could be a suitable answer (that means "she is right over Szeged now").

For English speaking friends: "negyvenkettő" means 42 that we know as the answer "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything" according Douglas Adams.

For Hungarians: a hajók és repülőgépek (meg az országok) nőneműek az angolban, jár nekik a "she". (Néha az autók is, ld. Christine Stephen Kingnél. Vettel nem számít :D )


yes, i agree, of course it's ok to be more specific with the location, it can be above anything, not just the sea :)

for the "for hungarians" part: ennek most direkt utánanéztem, és ezt találtam: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/46807/what-is-the-gender-of-an-aircraft eszerint koránt sincs akkora egyetértés, hogy a repülők nőneműek-e, mint a hajók esetében. a repülők nyugodtan lehetnek "it". (és én ezt nem is bánom, szerintem eléggé szexista gyakorlat tárgyakat nőneműnek nevezni)


Where does the aircraft fly should also be accepted.


No. Repülőgép is an airplane. Aircraft is either an airplane or a helicopter or a motor glider, etc.—almost anything that can do a powered flight. I had the same mistake as I often listen to ATCs and so on and took the manner to call every plane an aircraft. My native English teachers corrected me with this explanation.


Why is "where flies the airplane" not accepted?


This sentences sounds really cool.


I don't know who is making the audio or if the app is bugged and cutting off the first split second, but EVERY audio bit has a problem. It's grossly ruining the apps understanding of my abilities related to the exercise.


It may be a bandwidth problem, too. Previously I had the same problem with Italian course and when I upgraded my plan, the problem misteriously solved itself.

This is just one possible reason of course, there are many others, too. But I did not experience this yet therefore I may suspect the network glitch.


Say that 10 times fast :)


So this : "where is the plane flying to? " was marked wrong . Does this mean that this asks a question that would be answered: in the sky?


Where the airplane is flying, why it’s not correct?

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