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  5. "az alma és a lány"

"az alma és a lány"

Translation:the apple and the girl

July 1, 2016



What a weird name for a movie.


that's what I thought :D


In turkish "alma" is "elma".


Yeah, I noticed that too. I think there is some connection between the Uralic languages (which include Hungarian) and the Altaic languages (which include Turkish and other Turkic languages)


well, yes, the ottoman empire decided to visit hungary, and they enjoyed themselves so much that they didn't leave for 150 years. that's plenty of time to pick up some words from them.

it is also probable that sometime before coming to where hungary is now, the hungarian tribes lived together with turkish or related-to-turkish tribes.

here you can find a list of turkish-origin words in hungarian (scroll down a bit): https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C3%B6r%C3%B6k_j%C3%B6vev%C3%A9nyszavak_a_magyar_nyelvben


make sense. suleyman sultanimiz oldu


I gotta say...despite the vowel harmony Hungarian implements...going from é, to a, to á is a real work out.


Is the distinction between a and az the same as the English a/an?


No. But the distinction is similar. In English, the indefinite article changes; in Hungarian the definite article changes.

a/az mean "the." The word for English "a/an" doesn't change (unless it's in a certain case) and it's only form is "egy."


i'm posting this to ease the contradiction between our answers :D

yes, a/az is "the" and a/an is "egy", but you decide the same way which one to use: based on the first sound of the following word


My bad, I could have been more clear in my answer.

[deactivated user]

    I see so far that 'az' is used with a non-living thing, and 'a' is used with living things, like a girl in this example sentence. Is this a usable observation?


    it doesn't matter if it's living or not. "a" goes before nouns starting with a consonant, "az" goes before nouns starting with a vowel.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the tip!:) It's like the rule of A & AN in English with vowels


      this sounds like elvish or something...i like it.

      [deactivated user]

        Is this a movie title?


        Hi friends! I remember the word "álmas" in a pégsék in Miskolc, does the word "alma" have accent? Can somebody help me? Köszönöm szépen!


        So a/az equals "the". If the next word starts with a consonant it is A. If the following word starts with a vowel it is AZ.


        I was under the impression from past lessons that "az " is defined as" that" and "ez" is defined as " this". When i used "that" for "az" it was counted as being wrong?


        "Az" is also "the" before a vowel


        Alma, another familiar word.

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