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  5. "The building is small."

"The building is small."

Translation:Az épület kicsi.

July 1, 2016



Can you explain why "Az épület kicsi van" is incorrect?


You never use "van/vannak" when saying what something is or how it is.

If you saying, "this is a building," it's just "Ez épület." If you're saying "this building is small," that's "Ez az épület kicsi."

You only use "van/vannk" in the third person if it's modified by an adverb or question.

  • Hol van az épület?

  • Az épület itt van.


Kicsi and Kis aren't synonyms? Why Az épület kis is not correct?


afaik, kis never comes after the noun, while kis and kicsi are interchangeable in front of it, but there kis is more usual.

Az epulet kicsi. The bulding is small. Az kis epulet. = A kicsi epulet. = The small building.


Is alacsony just for people?

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