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  5. "Io e lui vogliamo una birra."


"Io e lui vogliamo una birra."

January 30, 2013



ED VS E ~ It's all over the place when I try to find an explanation. Shouldn't this be E not ED? ED is supposedly for a sentence where the next word starts with a vowel!!?


I decided to try out 'he and I would like a beer' and it was not accepted. It is, in my opinion a slightly more polite way of saying 'he and I want a beer'. They mean the same thing.


I think your last two sentences disagree with each other, Karen. :) I'm not a native speaker, but I'd guess that the reason why it doesn't accept "would like" is precisely because it does mean something different... it means something more polite than "voglio." If I wanted to say "I would like a coffee" when ordering a drink in Italian, I'd say "vorrei un caffè," not "voglio un caffè." Using voglio here could be considered overly familiar or rude (just as "I want a coffee" can sound demanding in English). I am guessing Duolingo will introduce the "vorrei..." construction later, but at the present time, it probably doesn't want to trick you into thinking you're being more polite than you are.


Good point. Additionally, this is the present tense section of grammar. Focus on that.


why is it io e lui? as it would sound weird translated in english ( I and he want a beer?)

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