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  5. "Du ser syner."

"Du ser syner."

Translation:You are seeing things.

July 1, 2016



Can "you see/are seeing visions" be correct here?


What word explains "things" in this sentence?


None of them. It's a rather idiomatic statement in either language.

The word syne belongs to the noun syn, which refers to the sense of vision, and the verb at syne, which can mean "to appear" or "to examine". So the word has got a connection with visual impressions.
It's a part of a couple of fixed phrases, like this here, and I think "at komme til syne" - to appear (lit. "to come into view") is part of this course, too. The opposite is "ud/ude af syne", referring to disappearance (lit. "out of view").


Does it mean delusions?


Yeah, pretty much. Or hallucinations or the sort.


Delusions are more of a psychological thing to my knowledge


If I remember right, the translation was "You are insane" in a previous exercise. This time, however, it was marked as wrong?


The only sentence in the current tree that has a translation "You are insane." is the Danish sentence "Du er syg i hovedet!" which does not relate to this sentence at all, so I think you are misremembering something.


I thought so as well... but I guess we must be wrong! I tried 'You are insane' too!


Uhhh....I put "Du ser synger" which I knew wasn't right, but was actually marked as right with no spelling corrections? I thought maybe it was an idiom, but it appears to just be a mistake.

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